Raspberry Pi VPS Web Hosting Capabilities?

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Raspberry Pi VPS Web Hosting Capabilities?

Raspberry pi computers used for website hosting????

What is A Raspberry Pi

First of all lets give an over view of what a raspberry pi is

A raspberry pi is a single board computer costing only £30 to buy, latest version being he raspberry pi 3. these single board computers have limitless possibilities for what they can be used for for example

  • Website Hosting
  • Home Automation
  • Inexpensive servers
  • And much more

Raspberry pi’s are already used world wide to sort day to day situations here are some examples

Raspberry pi used to reduce staffs time waited when going to a toilet with a simple indicator and webapp to state if they toilet is in use
A smart camera such as the Ring door bell, with many features such as facial recognition, motion sensor, and much more.
And finally but not least, a car media center, containing GPS Navigation, Bluetooth, Music, Calls, and much more.

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is a simple term to define a company that busy computers to run 24/7 on a managed network in order to allow customers to rent either a website slot or even a full dedicated server for a monthly price

Why Is It Good For Web Hosting

Raspberry pi’s are cheap enough for anyone to buy allowing you to host your servers in your own network for very little cost, however a hosting company could use a raspberry pi cluster serving up cheap web site hosting with redundancies.

Standard methods of hosting a website often comes with needing expensive servers which not only need the budget to begin with, but also require maintenance, 24/7 monitoring and also requires a lot of power to run

Benefits Of This Web Hosting Method?

  • Cheap to start the project
  • cheap to maintain the server and service
  • easy to expand
  • doesn’t require 24/7 monitoring
  • inexpensive to run the single board computer

Cons Of This Web Hosting Method?

  • Upgrade ability is not possible to the computer it’s self.
  • Hardware is not the best with a arm processor and 1gb of ram.
  • Storage is external and usually over USB
  • Uses micro sd card for OS install(Net boot is an alternative)


Using a raspberry pi to start a web hosting company or even start your first business can be a great solution, however for bigger websites with large loads it would be drawn back and require multiple servers in order to achieve the targeted goal.

Not only the capabilities not expanding greatly the raspberry pi uses linux and is often tricky for people to learn and setup the required services for the website.

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