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What Is A Voice Client

A voice client is a peice of software that allows multiple people to talk to eachother like a phone call but using the internet.
In the project we are displaying we are utalising the TeamSpeak 3 SDK To achieve a client and server base connection that we can build our custom client and any api’s upon.

Voice clients are becoming more and more common in todays technology world, and application needs are slowly becoming higher and higher.
In the post we will be going over application uses, examples, ideas, and also if you should implement or get a voice client for your business.

Voice Client Examples

Teamspeak is a voice client that became popular within gaming communities, for how simple it was to connect to a server and talk to friends.
Teamspeak is a channel based application allowing anyone on the server to join channels based upon channel password, and also channel/user permissions.

The method teamspeak brought out was favoured within games as it didn’t require you to pause your game to add someone to a call, for example skype.

Teamspeak allowed a new way of communication to start, while being hastle free each day it was used.

Advantages over other voice clients.
1. Stable and still supported and developed.
2. Community development for extra features.
3. Extensive permissions and group system.
4. Easy to use.

Disadvantages over other voice clients.
1. Complicated Permissions.
2. Requires an application.
3. Requires server setups.

Discord is a voice client similar to teamspeak when being based on channels howver has some advantages and disadvantages.
Discord is very simple to use and also avaibale to use through a webbrowser with no server setup required, just a few clicks.

The limits of discord is its customisation, where teamspeak allows you to edit the theme completly and also have avast amount of permissions and control over the access users have.

Advantages over other voice clients.
1. Stable and still supported and developed.
2. Website access to voice client
3. No server setup required
4. Easy to use.

Disadvantages over other voice clients.
1. Lackful permissions
2. No customisation.
3. Restricted to discord network.

Custom clients allow you to take all the features of your popular voice clients, such as Teamspeak and Discord and combine them in to one.

Usage of the client can be for specific projects, such as meetings or just simply allowing teams to communicate with eachother easily and quickly.

A feature that a business can use is role based users that have the ability to request a specific staff member or team to talk to in order to complete a task.

Advantages over other voice clients.
1. Custom features to fit your needs.
2. No thirdparty managing tour voice clients.
3. Can be as easy to use as you are wanting.
4. Restricted to people you trust.

Disadvantages over other voice clients.
1. You have to develop it and maintain in.
2. Doesn’t have a dedicated team developing it.
3. No community development to help it grow.

Check out the project on github.

Our Voice Client Example

In our client we have kept the design simple and elegant, while having the features needed that we desire, including a plugin API.

We didn’t like how teamspeak & discord design was when joining a channel, so we made our design very simple containing the following features.

Simple Client List(With Channel Join Features)
Channel Create Button To Give The User A Private Channel
Channel Locking To Privatise A Channel
Channel Invite To Invite A Friend To The Channel
No Tree View Of Channels, Only User List
Baisc Settings For Voice And Playback
Plugin API.

Features we plan to add for business use are thought of to improve productivity.
Project query to easily talk/request people that are on a specific project.
Profile Customisation Linked To Employee Profile


In conclusion should you spend time getting a custom voice client developed.

Honest answer depends on your business needs.
if you have a lot of communication between teams then a voice client is very benificial, specially when working over seas as you only pay for your data usage.

A voice client brings many advantages and can easily boost productivity within a business, but this is not every case and can be a niece project that ends up not gaining you anything.
All in all, if your company would benefit from changing from phone calls and texts, to a all in one system that can be used anywhere, then go for it, can always requests testing software to try out for a period of time.

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